My name is Sarah Zakzouk and this blog is a bit of a mish mash of my passion for words and a love of sport. After studying a lot of literature at University, I went on to pursue a career in Publishing in London – living the dream (and reading a lot more books). Fitness has always been a significant part of my life, which is what led me towards a career in sports e-commerce.

I currently manage the digital content strategy for a regional sports company, and in my spare time I am a certified STOTT Pilates instructor – so sport, fitness and wellness are very much a part of my life. I am a keen swimmer and love my water sports, so you will more often than not find some sort of nautically-themed story on my social media feed.

I will be talking a lot about fitness trends, life detoxing, interesting reads, and fun places to travel to – so if you’re into any of the above then check out and feel free to get in touch at, or visit the Contact page.