We all know that social media can be an all-consuming notion for some people, and can be a barrier to face to face interaction on many levels, not to mention a major disruptor of family dinner times. However, social media is not all bad and it’s not always used as a procrastination platform – it is one of the best ways to stay informed after all. Here are 6 reasons why social media is good for you:

1. Stay in the know. Keeping on top of news stories is incredibly easy to do when you tune in to social media – and it’s useful to see people’s reactions to it too. It’s also much easier for news stories to reach people, with such a large proportion of the global community being constantly connected.

social media

2. Marketing. Social media is one of the most cost effective ways to market a product, organisation or service because you can target a mass audience of consumers with every post and you don’t have to put any spend behind it (unless you choose to). Of course the reach will depend entirely on your following, but a consistent and targeted marketing strategy will gather a loyal following over time.

3. Consumer Feedback. When marketing your product on social media it’s easy to get a feel for audience response based on Likes and comments. Social media has paved a new way for interaction between businesses and their consumers because the consumer can tell them exactly what they want, and then it’s up to the business to tailor their products or services accordingly, which is certainly easier when you know what people are looking for.

4. Keeping in touch. With so much travel going on, people are always hopping from one place to the next, with families living here, there and everywhere. It’s nice to be able to follow friends and loved ones on their travels – to feel a sense of connection, and social media provides a great platform for keeping in touch.

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5. Non-profit awareness. Through social media, non-profit organisations are able to raise awareness by cost-effective methods, using the benefits of social media for awareness campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are all platforms for spreading the word and getting people to support a cause. Socially shared petitions are also a great idea, because they can reach a mass audience globally, at little to no cost, within a short space of time.

6. Education. Yes, social media can have its pitfalls and there is a lot of nondescript content out there, but the sheer volume of information available to people to expand their knowledge base is incredible. The effectiveness of this knowledge dissemination often lies in the fact that it is shared in small, manageable chunks – such as on Twitter or Instagram. You have 140 characters for a Tweet, or you educate visually along with a simple caption and your chosen hash tags. This allows people to scroll through small snippets of information on such a large scale, choosing either to delve deeper, or to move on to the next story.

It’s all about striking a healthy balance. Social media is a fantastic platform for learning, sharing and exploring, but it’s all about moderation, keeping your own life grounded in reality, and using the virtual to amplify it in the most useful ways. It’s always good to take a break from technology from time to time, and you can read on to see the benefits of taking a social media detox.

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